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Nieuws - 21 January 2022

NSL Visuals Standards put to good use by new Russian sub-distributor

NSL’s Exclusive Russia distributor 'NSL Rusland' (www.nslubes.ru) appoints a new sub-distributor for the Siberian market: KTZ Group.

The KTZ Group is an Automotive Professional offering a wide selection and sale of auto parts for trucks and trailers of European and American production.
A full range of services including diagnostics, repair and maintenance are just some of the services offered by KTZ.

KTZ is the NSL new dealer for the Kemerovo region.
The main activity is the maintenance of commercial vehicles & Since June, they have been actively developing the NSL brand in their region.  

KTZ has shown how to properly brand car service points with the new NSL Visual and how to further promote the sales of NSL products.

We wish the newest NSL member all the best and good luck with this business!

Please see attached photos: