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Hydraulic Oil

HYDRA POWER PLUS 32 is a premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oil specially developed for applications like hydraulic and power transmission subjected to wide range of temperature or where small viscosity change with fluctuating temperature is required.

HYDRA POWER PLUS 32 is formulated with high quality virgin mineral base stocks in combination with a special additive technology to achieve the following performance:

  • Exceptional anti-wear property results in longer component life reducing costs
  • Extremely high viscosity index assures equipment protection at cold start-up temperatures and at high operating temperatures
  • Excellent shear stability minimizes viscosity loss over time and exhibits "stay-in-grade" performance under high shear conditions
  • Excellent thermo-oxidative.
  • Superior demulsibility helps in faster separation of water from oil and resists formation of emulsions
  • Special rust & corrosion inhibitors protect multi-metallurgy components even in presence of moisture
  • Rapid air release property due to non-silicone anti-foam technology to minimizes chances of pump cavitations leading to trouble free operations
  • Compatible with multi-metals & most sealing materials commonly used in hydraulic systems

HYDRA POWER PLUS 32 exceeds the following performance criteria:

DIN 51524/3 HVLP      AFNOR NFE 48-603      ISO 6743/4 HV
Vickers M-2950           I-286-S                           US Steel 127,136
Denison 127,136        Denison HF-0                Cincennati P-68


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