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Category: Fluidi antigelo& refrigeranti

Glacier Antifreeze

Concentrated Fluid

GLACIER ANTIFREEZE is a silicate, amine-, nitrites- and phosphates free antifreeze concentrate providing frost and corrosion protection. For the perfect operation of water-cooled internal combustion engines.

GLACIER ANTIFREEZE may not be used undiluted in a combustion engine

GLACIER ANTIFREEZE is based Mono Ethylene Glycol in combination with a powerful additive technology to obtain the following benefits:

• Corrosion protection, also for non-ferro metals

• Frost protection

• Boling protection

• Seal compatibility

• Hard water stability

• Miscibility

GLACIER ANTIFREEZE exceeds the following performance criteria:

British Standard (BS) 6580      AFNOR 15-601      ASTM D-3306      SAE J-1304     CUNA NC 956-16