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Multipurpose Automotive & Industrial Lithium Grease with added MOS2

LUNA GREASE MO-2 is a high quality semi synthetic lithium grease with added MOS2, designed to operate in the most severe conditions in industrial and automotive applications.

LUNA GREASE MO-2 is based on high quality mineral and synthetic base oil in combination with

an unique additive package to ensure the following properties:

• Lubrication of mechanisms subject to slipping, vibrations or high load.

• Extension of greasing periods.

• Reduced friction coefficients, reducing wear and tear in lubricant elements.

• High adherence and lubricity.

• Ensured economic elements due to mechanical or lubrication interventions.

LUNA GREASE MO-2 exceeds the following performance criteria:

MPF2K-20      ISO-L-XBCEB-2      MIL-G-3545 C      MIL-G-7711 A