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Category: Aceites para motores a gas


High Perfomance Heavy Duty Gas Engine Oil

TIDAL POWER LA 40 is a Medium Ash high performance Heavy Duty Gas Engine Oil specially designed for use in stationary gas engines which run on natural, biogas and/or landfill gas and operate under severe conditions en high temperatures.

TIDAL POWER LA 40 is based on high-quality hydro processed base oils in combination with a special selected additive package to obtain the following properties:

• Excellent thermal-, nitration-, and oxidation stability.

• Reducing of combustion chamber deposits.

• Minimize ring scuffing.

• Protect against corrosive wear.

• Improving engine performance.

TIDAL POWER LA 40 exceeds the following performance criteria:

GE Jenbacher for Fuel Class B (Biogas) and C (Landfill gas)
Type 2 and 3 all engines; Type 4, Version A, B; Type 6 up to version E

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