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Motorcycle range - a brand new product line!

We are glad to announce a brand new productline for motorcycles. With 17 new products in the range, the NSL portfolio can offer all the necessary oils for small engines such as motorbikes, mopeds and recreational crafts.
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The new product range is divided into different product families:

Based on Poly Alpha Olefine and Alkylated Naphtalene base oils. By using high-end additives, these products give an excellent engine protection. The products are aimed at maximum peformance and protection. The most primary applications will be hyperbikes, supersport bikes and in general customers who want the best possible products for their bike. Within this family:

Based on Poly Alpha Olefine/ ester and synthetic base oils. With this line, exceptional quality is offered for a competitive price. Thanks to a top-tier additive system the products offer the best possible gear- and engine protection. Primary applications are supersport bikes, sport bikes, all-roard and driver who want a top-quality product at a competitive price. Within this family:

Based on synthetic and synthetic technology base oils and a very good additive package, these products are known for their good performance and affordable price. Primary applications are sport/naked bikes, all-roads and commuter motorcyles. In this family:

Based on Poly Alpha Olefine/ ester and synthetic base oils, offering exceptional quality and engine protection. The product is very shear stable and contains a high HTHS to offer maximum protection. Large displacement V-twin chopper / cruiser bikes are the most primary applications for this product:

This product is entirely based on synthetix base oils. Therefor, it offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. The friction modifiers in this product ensure a lower fuel comsumption. Due to the same modifiers, the product is not suitable for wet-clutch applications. The product is suitable for moped and motorscooters (only dry-clutch, centrifugal clutch like used on most scooters).

Withing the above families, also 2-takt products are availble. For 2-takt applications, the following products are available: