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With our lubricating oils, you have the power!

We are North Sea Lubricants, an independent lubricant oil brand based in the Netherlands. All of our oils, greases, transmission fluids and other products are ‘Made in Holland’ and delivered to more than 65 countries worldwide. We give you the power to be at your very best. Find out about how we can give you POWER in our company video!

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Watch our company video (short version)
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Watch our company video (full version)


Want to know which oil is suitable?

Automotive engine oils and motor oils. Always stay in the driving seat.

NSL provides a broad range of racing, mainstream and OEM specific products.

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Heavy Duty engine oils. Only the best will do for your fleet.

We offer the right products for a cost-effective maintenance of your heavy duty fleet.

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Small engine oils. No task is too great or small.

All the necessary oils for small engines such as motorbikes, mopeds and recreational crafts.

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Agricultural oils. Everything you need to take on any challenge.

Complete coverage for all off-road material to meet all of your agricultural oil needs.

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Industrial gear oils. Leading oil for leaders of industry.

A wide range of hydraulic oils and industrial products keep you at the top of your game.

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Marine oils. You too can make the difference.

All major shipping products for trunk piston and crosshead engines.

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Railroad oils. Stay on track with the best possible solutions.

The best oil for locomotives can handle the heaviest possible conditions.

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Various other products such as antifreeze and cooling fluids. Go above and beyond with the right solutions.

NSL covers all of your needs, no matter how specific or specialised they are.

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All of our products are ‘Made in Holland’
Outstanding price/quality ratio
Highest quality raw materials
Quality is monitored constantly in our lab

Why work with North Sea Lubricants? There’s no reason not to.

North Sea Lubricants offers one of the best price/quality ratios in Europe. All of our lubricant oils, grease oils, transmission fluids and many other products are “Made in Holland” and we guarantee the highest possible quality. These are just a few advantages of working with us.