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Category: Automatic Transmission Fluids


Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATF POWER DX III is a high quality universal fluid to be used in automatic transmission, torque convertors and power steering of passenger car, light vans and commercial vehicles.

ATF POWER DX III is formulated on high refined solvent mineral and synthetic base stock in combination with an unique additive package to reach the following properties.

  • Excellent thermal- and oxidation stability.
  • Special friction modifiers.
  • Very high viscosity Index.
  • Low pour-point.
  • Excellent shifting at very low and high temperatures.
  • Excellent protection against the forming corrosion, foam and wear.

ATF POWER DX III exceeds the following performance criteria:

DEXRON IIIF/G/H       Allison C4                        CAT TO-2     
MAN 339 Z1/Z2          MAN 339 V1/V2                MB 236.10/236.9/236.7/236.5/236.1     
Voith 55.6335            Volvo 97341                      Mercon      
ZF 02F/03D/04D         ZF 11A/11B/14B/16L