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Category: Railroad Engine Oils


Diesel Locomotive Engine Oil

RAILROAD POWER 413 is a high performance, zinc-free and chlorine-free oil specially designed to provide excellent engine cleanliness and oil filter life in the modern railroad diesel locomotive engines.

RAILROAD POWER 413 is based on high quality virgin mineral base oil in combination with an unique additive package to ensure the following properties:

• Exceptional detergency and dispersancy provides excellent engine cleanliness, especially

engine top decks.

• Excellent retention of TBN facilitates extended drain intervals.

• High thermo-oxidative.

• Zinc-free formulation protects silver bearings against corrosion.

• Non-chlorinated additive package helps in reducing used oil disposal costs.

RAILROAD POWER 413 exceeds the following performance criteria:

API CF / CF-2              LMOA Generation 5                             EMD of General Motors      
GE Diesel Engines      GE as Generation 4 Long Life Oils