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Category: Automatic Transmission Fluids


Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATF POWER DX II is a high quality universal fluid to be used in automatic transmission, torque convertors and power steering of passenger cars, light vans and commercial vehicles.

ATF POWER DX II is formulated on high quality re-refined mineral and synthetic base oil in combination with an unique additive package to reach the following properties:

  • Good thermo-and oxidation stability.
  • Controlled frictional characteristics for a smooth shift in a variety of driving conditions.
  • Improved antiwear, antirust and anticorrosion technology.
  • High Viscosity index ensures adequate lubrication in both high operating & low starting temperatures.
  • Better foam control leads to smooth & lasting shift feel and reduces fluid loss.
  • Enhanced Low temperature fluidity assist in good cold start performance.
  • Compatibility with all common seal materials.

ATF POWER DX II exceeds the following performance criteria:

GM DEXRON® II D      MAN 339 type V1          MAN 339 type Z1
MB 236.9                      Voith H55.6335.xx        ZF TE-ML 03D/04D/14A/17C