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Category: Hydraulic Oils


Fully Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

HYDRA POWER SYNTH 46 is a premium quality ashless fully synthetic environmentally acceptable hydraulic oil specially developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding modern hydraulic systems in industrial and mobile service

HYDRA POWER SYNTH 46 is based on high quality synthetic base oil in combination with an unique additive package to ensure the following properties:

  •  Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability reduces deposit formation, improves pump & valve performance and allows extension of oil and filter change intervals
  •  Exceptional anti-wear property
  •  Naturally high Viscosity Index ensures minimum viscosity change over a wide temperature range
  •  Excellent demulsibility helps in faster separation of water from oil and resists formation of emulsions
  •  Special rust & corrosion inhibitors protect multi-metallurgy components against negative effects of moisture presence in the system
  •  Rapid air release property due to non-silicone anti-foam technology to minimizes chances of pump cavitations leading to trouble free operations
  •  Offers long term hydrolytic stability and yellow metal compatibility in presence of water
  •  Compatible with multi-metals and sealing materials commonly used in hydraulic systems

HYDRA POWER SYNTH 46 exceeds the following performance criteria:

DIN 51524/2 HLVP     AFNOR NFE 48-603      ISO 11158 HM     
Vickers M-2950         I-286-S                           US Steel 127, 136      
Denison HF-1           Cincinnati P-70


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