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NSL VIP Race Event Recap Video

NSL looks back at a successfull VIP Race Event on July 13th in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Together with its distributors from the Netherlands, Guatemala, Belgium, Romania, France, Lithuania and Latvia, NSL enjoyed a great day and supported Koebolt during the exciting race! 

A beautiful video of a beautiful day!
From the early morning, NSL welcomed its first guests at the VIP Skybox of the Zandvoort circuit which is located between the North Sea dunes. The skybox offered a fantastic view on the circuit and the guests could already enjoy the first races of the day.

Once all distributors and other guests arrived, Nick Vocht gave a warm welcome speech and thanked everybody for joining the NSL VIP Race Event. Nick informed the crowd about the rapid growth of NSL over the last years, and thanked his distributors for help making NSL the success it is today. He also gave a glimpse of what the NSL plans are for the not too distance future, by for the first time introducing the brand new NSL 1L, 4L and 5L can!

Afterwards, none other than former Formula 1 and 24hour of Le Mans driver Mr. Jan Lammers gave an inspiring presentation about the beautiful circuit of Zandvoort (soon to be the Dutch Grand Prix!). Mr. Jan Lammers also interviewed our own Max Koebolt about his racing experiences and about his impressive GT4 European Series results.

NSL offered its guests a selection of Dutch lunch choices and afterwards the moment of truth followed for Max Koebolt to get into his Mercedes AMG and defend his number 1 ranking in the overall classification. Meanwhile, the rain made place for better weather so everyone could also support Max from the rooftop terrace on top of the VIP Skybox. And that support from all the NSL distributors paid off! Max drove an excellent race at his home circuit and ended 5th. In terms of overall points, that was a excellent result and he held his number 1 position in the GT4 European Series ranking!

After the race NSL offered its distributors the chance to admire the Mercedes AMG car up close. Max proudly showed his car to the international company while the Mercedes Team was busy polishing the car for the second race the next day. A photo opportunity of the Mercedes AMG car together with the NSL team was very much welcomed by our distributors. A unique chance to experience it all from so close!

We ended the succesfull event with a drink and chat at the skybox again. NSL would like to thank all its distributors for coming over to Zandvoort and for making this VIP Event an unforgettable and exciting racing day! Thank you all!

Please see the following recap video for an overview of the VIP Event!