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Comeback NSL Super Tractor Power 10W-40

Our agricultural 10W-40 STOU oil is reintroduced in our product range!
Now with a even better performance: NSL Super Tractor Power 10W-40 is now based on 100% synthetic base oil to meet the increasing demands of the agricultural OEM’s.

NSL Super Tractor Power 10W-40 meets the following performance criteria:

Engine Spec:            API CG-4/CF-4/CE/SF        
                                   MB 228.1                       ACEA E3

UTTO/STOU Spec:   JD J20C, J20D, J27      Ford M2C86B, 134D    
                                   Ford M2C159B             Case MS 1204, 6, 7, 9          
                                   MF M 1135/1139/1143/1144/1145  
                                   CAT TO-2,                    API GL-4                     
                                   Allison C4                     ZF TE-ML 06A, 06B, 06C
                                   NH 82009201, 2, 3, 06D, 06E, 06H, 07B

Hydr. Spec:               Eaton M-2950S             Eaton I-280-S                  

NSL Super Tractor Power 10W-40 is now available in the following:

  • 60 liter
  • 200 liter
  • 1000 liter IBC
  • M3 Bulk

More information is available at the productpage:
7326 NSL Super Tractor Power 10W-40