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2018 is coming to an end, and we look back to a nunique year! A year filled with great developments, challenges, highlights & more developments to come in 2019! Together with you, we will have a short throwback to the NSL highlights of this year:

Launch of the Customer Service Center
Since June 2018, we have welcomed Sharon Hoogstad to run the Customer Service Center for North Sea Lubricants. With this department, we are able to help our distributors even more with technical advice, general questions and marketing support. The Customer Service Center can be reached by mail on Please feel free to contact us!

Deciding the new can together with our distributors
NSL values the opinion of its distributors. That’s why we asked your help with deciding the upcoming new can design planned for 2019. From the end of June till September of this year, we have collected votes from all over the world for three different can designs. With a large majority of votes, we have come to a beautiful can which we will introduce during of 2019. Behind the scenes, we are working hard on adjusting the filling lines and developing the new labels etc.We can’t wait to implement these developments in the new year. Keep you posted!

New NSL style with key visuals
They are not to be missed; the key visuals of North Sea Lubricants. For each sector we have introduced a recognizable visual, referring to the relevant industry. They can be found on the website, in the new product guide and in many of the new marketing materials. With a recognizable look and feel, we have taken a new path in NSL marketing support and in the professionalizing of our brand.

Brand new website
In June of this year, we have launched our brand-new website. After months of developments we can say: ‘Hard work pays off!’. What nice and enthusiastic responses have we received from our partners and distributors! Also a fan of the new website? Then we have big news for you in 2019!

Unique MyNSL environment
As mentioned before, we value the opinion of our distributors. Many of them wanted more marketing support, and that’s why MyNSL is born! Via this portal, various marketing materials can be obtained, which can be completely converted to ‘distributor style’.  We are further developing these materials & from Q1/Q2 of 2019 new online tools will also be available.

Social media channels
Since this year, we have started working actively with social media channels. North Sea Lubricants can be found on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition to NSL news, we also share distributor news on these channels! For nice articles, information or pictures please contact our Customer Service Center and your story can be up next! We look forward to hearing from you!

New Online Ordering System
After months and months of developments we have launched our new and improved Online Ordering System. After a bumpy ride and difficult start, which unfortunately is not uncommon with these kinds of transitions, the new system is now functioning properly. A few final tweaks are still being done as we speak, but we expect to have a much smoother operation in 2019 when all is up and running. Once again, we thank you for your patience & understanding during this transition.

Sponsoring Max Koebolt in his BMW M4
In 2018, North Sea Lubricants proudly sponsored Max Koebolt in his BMW M4 GT. We have experienced some exciting races in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Hungary and in the United Kingdom. Some of them we even have visited together with our distributors. Such a nice way to meet each other again, watch the race together & get a VIP tour inside the pitlane and through the paddocks. We look back on an exciting and successful race season, where Max Koebolt achieved a beautiful third place in the overall championship!

We hope 2019 will be just such a beautiful year with great successes.

Of course we wish all our partners a beautiful, healthy and successful 2019!