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Meet the Dakar team!

The by NSL sponsored team is the successful ValkRally team!

On January 1, 2022, this team will appear for the first time at the start of the world’s toughest off-road rally: Le Dakar.

The team consists of Gert-Jan van der Valk and Branco de Lange, who have been racing together as a team since 2016. Together they have already participated in various rallies and ridden the dunes of Poland, Turmenistan, Spain, Morocco and Segenal. Steef Wagenvoort, Martijn Wijnen and Frans Versteeg complete the team as mechanics.

Participation in major rally events such as the Morocco Desert Challenge, the Andalusia rally and the Africa Eco Race have all ensured that the ValkRally team is ready for the biggest challenge in rallying: a successful participation in Le Dakar!

In 2019, the ValkRally team switched from a Toyota Landcruiser to a Side-by-Side Vehicle, or an SSV. After this switch, there have been many developments with a number of SSVs, which have led to the current model. During the Dakar of 2022, the ValkRally team will drive in the CanAm SSV developed by South Racing. Although this SSV is almost new, it is a vehicle developed completely specifically for the Dakar with a proven history. This creates the perfect conditions for the ValkRally team for a beautiful end result during the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia!