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Dakar 2023 is a fact!

The Valk Rally Team completed the race perfectly and appeared on the finish line of Le Dakar for the first time.

After two participations in the Dakar Rally, the Valk Rally Team reached the finish of the famous desert rally for the first time in Saudi Arabia. After fifteen stages and more than 8.000 kilometers in the desert, the team received their coveted medal.

Navigator Branco de Lange spoke after the Rally:

“It was a very tough edition with a lot of stones and rocks in the course, so that after a stage you came out of the car black and blue. In the first week we had rain and cold, in the second week very high temperatures. But once you cross the finish line, you immediately forget all the suffering.”

Besides stones and rocks, there was of course also plenty of dunes and sand. This made is hard to drive sometimes, but of course also a great experience.

The team had to deal with punctures, engine failures and collisions with other teams but despite everything the team enjoyed it very much and is proud to have reached the finish in Damman.

Congratulations, guys!