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BREAKING! New 60L & 200L barrels + new 20L can!

We are very proud to announce the following news to you:

New 60L & 200L NSL barrel and a brand new 20L NSL can!

1-2 june 2019. European GT4 Series Round 3 Paul Ricard (F) Photo Chris Schotanus

The first filling lines have already started to fill in the new barrels! 

What has changed?
The blue-yellow colors of the barrel continue to be characteristic for North Sea Lubricants, but with a new and more modern look we show the POWER of North Sea Lubricants even better. The blue color of the barrel is a bit darker as before, as this will match perfectly with the blue colour of the new cans for the small packaging range later this year.

The new packages still contain — as you can expect from us- the same trusted quality product but in a renewed and modern jacket. Our slogan has got a prominent place on the barrel, to let the user know: you have received the POWER! 

As for the new 20L, after many requests, we have now introduced a cap which will be expanded with a screw thread, making it possible to turn a tap on it. They have a shinier look and feel in the blue color. On the new label, you can find our characteristic oil wave and the blue wave design as well.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our new packages and feel the POWER of North Sea Lubricants even better!