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Meet our Distributor Hoogstad Olie from the Netherlands!

Hoogstad Olie is the North Sea Lubricants distributor in The Netherlands. This Dutch family business is an understanding in the region and is currently growing further to other provinces in the country. As exclusive dealer of the NSL brand, they are progressive to make the brand known and distributed within the Netherlands. They are doing this great by using the new visuals of North Sea Lubricants: 

‘We are using the key visuals of North Sea Lubricants so that the end-users of the lubricants can identify with the visual. We use the automotive key visual as a cover page for automotive quotations & for marine quotations a marine cover page etc.‘ 
Bianca Blom – Hoogstad Olie

In addition, NSL Oil has two own trucks entirely in the new NSL style. These beautiful trucks are fully ‘NSL-labelled’, so they can cross the road in a recognizable way. And of course, the drivers are always wearing their NSL sweaters or shirts! 

And this is not all. Those who drive past the Hoogstad Olie office-warehouse building, can hardly miss it. 3 NSL flags are standing prominent in front of the building and the key visuals are pictured in life-size. With their own cars in front, this is a completely NSL building. 

‘We receive many positive responses to our appearance. In the area, people recognize our trucks and immediately see what we stand for.’
– Stephanie Hoogstad – Hoogstad Olie

As soon as you enter the building, the NSL corporate identity is maintained. Two large racks full of NSL barrels occupy the warehouse. The office is painted in NSL blue and yellow, to get the perfect NSL feeling.

‘We are happy to be a partner of North Sea Lubricants. High quality products and a contemporary look and feel make it the perfect brand for us to work with.’
– Martin Hoogstad – Hoogstad Olie

Hoogstad Olie definitely has THE POWER!