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Introduction of TIDAL POWER SPECIAL UHPD 5W-20
From January 2022 we will be offering a low-viscosity, fuel-saving Ultra High Performance Diesel Engine oil 5W-20. This product prepares us for the future and responds to the future demand of MAN trucks, buses and vans. This product is suitable for MAN Euro VI engines and is MAN M3977 official approved.

TIDAL POWER SPECIAL UHPD 5W-20 is an ultra-high performance diesel engine oil engineered to provide outstanding protection and fuel economy potential in modern, high performance, low emissions engines used in severe on-highway applications.  
This full synthetic engine oil is developed to combine stable oil performance with excellent engine protection, resulting in extended drain intervals without ever compromising on engine protection. The ultra-thin protective oil film retains its excellent protective properties over a wide range of temperatures.

This lubricant is developed for MAN trucks fitted with Euro VI d D26 and D38 engines and for MAN buses equipped with the Euro VI d D26LOH engine. Due to its very low viscosity, it shows extreme Fuel Economy capacities. It complies with the most recent MAN M3977 specification.

The engine oil’s low viscosity minimizes energy loss, directly increasing the engine’s efficiency. The formulation is adapted to protect its protective properties, enabling stable and long optimal engine oil performance.

MAN: M3977

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