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North Sea will introduce a new manual transmission oil: AUTOGEAR POWER MTF 75W-90.

This high quality manual transmission oil is designed for passenger- and light-duty cars, vans and pickup trucks which frequently require a GL-4 type 75W-90 for the transmission or transaxle.
This product partially replaces the outgoing Autogear Power Semi-Syn 75W-90 for use in manual transmissions.
The new product however offers smoother gear shift behaviour and is favorable priced.

Download the productdatasheet here or go to the productpage: AUTOGEAR POWER MTF 75W-90

In development is also a basic GL-5 75W-90 for use in differentials and final reductions.
The launch of this product is expected early September this year.

Further we will introduce a fully group VI (PAO) based version of the current Autogear Power SYN 75W-90.
This additional product will have extended specification coverage, including MAN 342-S1.
Target is to introduce this product in August of this year.

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