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NSL customer service CENTER

North Sea Lubricants warmly welcomes and gladly introduces to you Sharon Hoogstad. Sharon will run NSL’s new Customer Service Center, and will be responsible for providing NSL’s customers with Marketing, Technical and Quality support through this new department.

Sharon has both technical & marketing experience and will look for new ways how we can better serve our customers, plus keep track of all the ongoing NSL activities such as the NSL racing team activities, but also local activities by NSL’s distributors. 

Sharon will provide content & news from NSL’s side + will collect content from our distributors worldwide to turn these all into marketing & sales supporting tools. Think of posters, banners and sale campaign templates that you could use to better represent NSL on your local market! 

Besides this, Sharon will also look after NSL’s social media tools such as our Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn page. She will keep our website & brochure information up to date, so that you are ensured to always have the latest and most accurate information. 

North Sea Lubricants is excited to have Sharon on board, and with this new department it can provide a better service to its customers worldwide. The Customer Service Center can be reached via, Sharon can’t wait to meet & assist you all soon!