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News - 31 mei 2023

NEW: Stream Power OTB 4T 10W-30

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News - 8 maart 2023

Motorcycle range - a brand new product line!

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News - 23 januari 2023

Dakar 2023 is a fact!

The Valk Rally Team completed the race perfectly and appeared for the first time on the finish line of Le Dakar. 

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News - 27 december 2022

Ready for Dakar 2023

NSL is proud to announce that it will once again support the Valk Rally Team during the Dakar in Saudi Arabia in 2023!

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News - 1 december 2022

NSL seminar in Erbil, Iraq

NSL’s exclusive Iraqi distributor POLKAM General Trading organised a North Sea Lubricants seminar at the prestigious Divan Hotel, in Erbil.

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News - 20 oktober 2022

Automechanika 2022, a powerful event!

North Sea Lubricants looks back at its participation at one of the largest automotive trade events in the world: the Automechanika.

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News - 16 augustus 2022

Automechanika 2022

North Sea Lubricants brings the power to the Automechanika!

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News - 2 juni 2022


This year North Sea Lubricants is sponsoring dutch racing driver Max Koebolt in the European Le Mans Series

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News - 12 april 2022

More Performance Power!

From April 2022 NSL will be offering additional viscosity grades in the Wave Power Performance line

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News - 11 april 2022

NEW: Tidal Power HDX Extra 15W-40

From April 2022 NSL offers a new product: Tidal Power HDX Extra 15W-40.

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News - 24 februari 2022


From March 2022 we will be offering a completely new product series :TIDAL POWER SXPD

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News - 20 januari 2022

Dakar 2022

What an adventure! Dakar Rally 2022

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News - 18 januari 2022


From January 2022 we will be offering a low-viscosity, fuel-saving Ultra High Performance Diesel Engine oil 5W-20

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News - 27 december 2021

Meet the Dakar team!

With just a few days left for the start of the Dakar Rally, we introduce to you the team!

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News - 17 december 2021


North Sea Lubricants starts the new year with the participation in the Dakar Rally!

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News - 26 oktober 2021


Following customer demand, NSL has decided to upgrade WAVE POWER PERFORMANCE 15W-40 to a higher performance level.

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News - 21 september 2021

Ninth place at Spa for Max Koebolt

Max Koebolt made another impression during the fifth European Le Mans Series of the season.

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News - 9 september 2021

New look, same power!

New look for grease cartridges 400 gram

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News - 23 augustus 2021

Extra power for the BMW Racing Cup!

New partnership with North Sea Lubricant and BMW.

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News - 11 augustus 2021

New products

NSL is proud to introduce an expantion of the Wave Power Advantage range with two new products

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News - 16 juni 2021

Wave Power Excellence 0W-40 new approval

WAVE POWER EXCELLENCE 0W-40  is now approved by Mercedes-Benz for:

  • MB-Approval 229.5
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News - 9 juni 2021


NEW: Volvo VCC 952000356 approval for Wave Power Excellence 0W-30

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News - 29 april 2021


New OEM approval for TIDAL POWER SCR 10W-40

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News - 7 april 2021

NEW: MAN-approvals TIDAL POWER EHPD 10W-40

TIDAL POWER EHPD 10W-40 is now provided with two new MAN-Approvals.

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News - 11 september 2020


North Sea Lubricants is proud to announce that it will start with the new can supply very shortly.

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News - 15 juli 2020


 North Sea will introduce a new manual transmission oil: AUTOGEAR POWER MTF 75W-90. 

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News - 23 juni 2020

Spot the NSL drum at this new YouTube SIM Racing Event

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News - 24 maart 2020

Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Update

North Sea Lubricants B.V. (NSL) continues to carefully monitor the rapidly evolving effect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) both globally and within its own environment. 

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News - 2 maart 2020

Meet our Distributor Hoogstad Olie from the Netherlands!

Hoogstad Olie is the North Sea Lubricants distributor in The Netherlands. This Dutch family business is an understanding in the region and is currently growing further to other provinces in the country.

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News - 9 januari 2020

NEW PRODUCT: Parrafinic white oil

New in the NSL product portfolio: Parrafinic white oil

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News - 19 september 2019

Recap of the 2019 racing season: VICE-CHAMPIONS 2019!

The GT4 European Series season of 2019 has finished and we are very proud of Max Koebolt and his Mercedes team for becoming VICE-CHAMPIONS of the Silver Cup! We look back at a very exciting racing year, with great results and an unforgettable NSL VIP RACE EVENT at Zandvoort. NSL has collected the best moments of this season:

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News - 3 september 2019

VICE-championship for Max Koebolt

The GT4 European Series season of 2019 is finished and Max Koebolt has successfully registered in the history books with his NSL colored Mercedes.  

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News - 1 augustus 2019

NSL VIP Race Event Recap Video

NSL looks back at a successfull VIP Race Event on Juli 13th in Zandvoort, the Netherlands

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News - 17 juli 2019


Max Koebolt is still leading the Silver Class after the NSL RACE EVENT in Zandvoort

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News - 9 juli 2019

Nordica Oils in Finland at the OKRA fair

Finnish distributor Nordica Oils participated at the OKRA fair last weekend.

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News - 2 juli 2019

Koebolt takes the lead in the GT4 European Series!

After the fourth race weekend of the GT4 European Series and a grandiose victory for Max Koebolt and his team, they take the lead in the Silver ranking.

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News - 4 juni 2019

Another podium place for Max Koboelt

A third place for Max Koebolt this weekend at the Paul Ricard Circuit!

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News - 10 mei 2019

BREAKING! New 60L & 200L barrels + new 20L can!

Available soon! 

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News - 6 mei 2019

First win of the season is in!

The second race weekend of the 2019 GT4 European Series at the famous circuit of Brands Hatch in the UK, brought Max Koebolt his maiden win of the season.

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News - 15 april 2019


And NSL is back in the race with Max Koebolt!

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News - 24 december 2018


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News - 26 november 2018

Nordica Oils Finland at Helsinki Fair

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News - 19 november 2018


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News - 16 november 2018


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News - 1 november 2018


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News - 29 oktober 2018

Antifreeze and Coolants

Why is it so important to pay attention to this fluids and what are the main differences between the fluids in the North Sea Lubricants portfolio?  

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News - 16 oktober 2018

Victory and a podium finish for Max Koebolt in international races

The season in the GT4 European Series may have come to an end, but for Dutch driver Max Koebolt, that doesn’t mean that the winter break has already started. Quite the contrary: last week he raced in the Italian GT Championship at the circuit of Monza and this weekend, he competed in the GT4 European Sprint Cup at the Hockenheimring.

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News - 10 oktober 2018

Max Koebolt again on the podium

Max Koebolt finished third in the BMW Team Italia.

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News - 27 september 2018

New NSL Product!

NSL Wave Power Excellence 5W-30 is now available

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News - 16 september 2018

Third place for Max Koebolt in the GT4 European Series

Congratulations Max!

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News - 13 september 2018


North Sea Lubricants supports Max Koebolt in his BMW

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News - 10 september 2018

Finish distributor at FinnMETKO fair

Finnish distributor of North Sea Lubricants participated in FinnMETKO fair -the biggest event in Finland in the field of machinerybusiness - with their new NSL promo ride.

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News - 10 september 2018

Comeback NSL Super Tractor Power 10W-40

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News - 22 juli 2018

Third consecutive podium finish for Max Koebolt

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS –For the third consecutive race weekend, Dutch driver Max Koebolt scored a podium finish in the GT4 European Series in his by North Sea Lubricants sponsored BMW M4 GT4. Max Koebolt end up a great third place, after a difficult race at Spa-Francorchamps in the Belgian Ardennes.

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News - 28 juni 2018

Max Koebolt and Simon Knap again on the podium at Misano

After their pair of podium finishes in the previous race weekend at Brands Hatch, the Dutch NSL sponsored driver Max Koebolt and Simon Knap again scored a top three finish at the circuit of Misano Adriatico

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News - 27 juni 2018

NSL customer service CENTER

North Sea Lubricants warmly welcomes and gladly introduces to you Sharon Hoogstad. Sharon will run NSL’s new Customer Service Center, and will be responsible for providing NSL’s customers with Marketing, Technical and Quality support through this new department.

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News - 27 juni 2018

BRAND NEW power concept

North Sea Lubricants is launching a whole new concept with key visuals for each of its product sectors.

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News - 8 april 2018

First Race Weekend of the year is done!

Two P5 finishes and the fastest BMW in both races, great start of the season & now the team is off to the next race: 05 May - 06 May 2018 / Brands Hatch, UK.

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News - 25 juni 2018

Big congratulations to Max Koebolt Racing & Simon

Big congratulations to Max Koebolt Racing & Simon for the 2nd place finish at Race 1 this weekend at Brands Hatch Circuit!

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News - 21 maart 2018

North Sea Lubricants sponsoring defending champion Max Koebolt Racing!

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News - 20 juni 2017

North Sea Lubricants steals the show in Kazakhstan

Import Oils LLP, an exclusive distributor of North Sea Lubricants in Kazachstan, took part in KIAE in February 2017. KIAE stands for Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo and showcases alternative...

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News - 20 juni 2017

NSL, a big part of racing history in Ireland

Team PR Reilly is a well-established name in Ireland. Since 1945, they have grown into the largest distributor of car parts and accessories in the country. Today...

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News - 20 juni 2017

NSL: first over the finish line in Lebanon

NEW LINE TRADE SARL, exclusive distributor of North Sea Lubricants products in Lebanon, recently sponsored Roger Feghali’s rally car during the...

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News - 20 november 2017

North Sea Lubricants proudly on display with Baltic Lube

Baltic Lube is a Lithuanian distributor that proudly represents and develops the North Sea Lubricants brand in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus for the automotive, heavy duty....

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